Mobile alarm system

  • Reaction to a sound
  • Reaction to movement
  • Reaction to light
  • Reaction to signal blocking

FAlarm - Service of the mobile alarm system


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FAlarm is a service helping you by means of mobile phones to secure the property(car, an apartment, a house, etc.) against thefts. Everything that is necessary for you, these are two phones, with operating system Android 1.6 or above, with access to the Internet.
Service works as follows. You are registered on our site, install on mobile phones our application and register phones in our system.
The first phone supervises the parameters of environment chosen by you and sends on the second phone the message in case of excess of the limits chosen by you. It is at the moment supervised: movement, noise level, level of light exposure and the signal termination. Also on the second phone it is possible to send the data about a site of phone and in a case if theft has taken place you can define phone site (it is necessary to consider that accuracy of definition depends on many factors and phone can be both in the specified point and in radius of several tens or more than meters from it)
How to start?
1. Install the application on your phone
2. Register on website
3. Run the application on your phone and go to the Registration form. Username and password fields fill as well as on the website and click on the Start button.

That's all you are ready to work.
Let's give some examples.
Protection of the car.
1. On one of the phones go to "Control".
2. Put a check in the movement section.
3. Put a check in the Sound section and we choose noise level at which there will be an operation.
4. Press the start button and we hide phone while there is time report
5. Take the second phone, come into the section "Receiver", press the start button and take this phone with itself.

Now you receive an alarm signal if the noise level exceeds the level chosen by you (for example the criminal will rustle trying to open your car or having slapped a door or conversation if it not one).
You receive the second signal if phone begins movement (for example the car will go or it will take in hands).
If you don't manage to reach the car and it will steal, then you can trace its location on the second mobile phone (if phone remains in the car and it won't switch off)
Protection of the house
1. On one of phones put ticks in the Sound and Light points and expose operation levels.
2. Put somewhere phone, turn off the light and leave.
3. Include on the second phone receiving a signal.
Now if the criminal gets into your house will turn on the light or a lamp or that will simply make a noise you receive a signal.
A child under control
Suppose you want to always be aware of the location of their child. All you need - is to run a program on the phone of the child in control mode, leaving empty all events. And on your phone run with signal reception and select "Only the coordinates".
If you became interested in our system of the mobile alarm system, then be simply registered and read the detailed description in a private office.